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Best Dark Spot and Hyperpigmentation Creams of 2018

Hyperpigmentation is a condition in which the natural skin pigment known as melanin gets produced in excess on the skin. Although the situation is harmless, it leads to an uneven looking skin with dark spots. We have reviewed most effective dark spot and hyperpigmentation creams for skin care. If the skin that is rich in melanin gets exposed to the sun, it may even lead to irreparable damages. The dark spots are not only seen on the face but also in other parts of the body, […]

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Best Blackhead Removal Tools

Best Blackhead Removal Tools for Skin Care

Almost every individual person faces the blackheads issue. It is also called open comedones, which seems like small dark spots over the nose, face and other skin areas. Sometimes only thing that can help is to find best blackhead removal tool. The blackheads occur because the skin pores get filled up with keratin, sebum and skin debris. If you think blackheads will remain small and it won’t cause any big skin issue, you are wrong and you should get some more details on it. The blackheads […]

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Vintage Bathing Suits – Tips for Women’s to Buy Bathing Suits

During summers it becomes quite difficult for the women to choose swimsuit. In magazines, you must have seen models wearing beautiful vintage bathing suits that look perfect on their body and make them look in shape. But getting those vintage bathing suits for you is not easy in local market stores. You will need the knowledge on bathing suits so that you can buy the perfect bathing suits that make you look same like your magazine’s models. When you go shopping or buy online, these suits […]

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Types of Vintage Bikinis – Perfect Look and Confidence

The exaggerated notion of a slim fit body with bulky bust and back ha literally made a lot of women lose their confidence and comfort zone as well. They not only feel unlucky but also start getting negative feelings about their own body. But now you can easily put down a full stop to all such feelings and can flaunt your perfect curves with various kinds of vintage bikinis. Whether, you have a big belly, long torso or big back, now you don’t have to run […]

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Retro Bikini High Waist Perfect for Your Body?

Bathing suits and retro bikini high waist are generally worn by a lot of actresses and models who made it popular amongst the masses as well. Yet, times and again, the stereotyped definition of pear-shaped body, makes the plus-sized women lose confidence in themselves. Even the curviest and perfect women start feeling uncomfortable about them when they see a specific body type being loved by others. But now, instead of spending hours in the gym and killing your belly with that hurting pain, you have got […]

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How to Wear High Waisted Bikini?

Beach season is near, so have you decided about your swimwear? Gorgeous looking swimsuits can sometimes make you feel pressurized. Not all ladies feel confident in wearing the ones with cuts and strips. Talking about the latest trends in swimwear- the high waisted bikini, ladies are again in doubt. Remember that it is not a wear of old lady; it is flattering and chic for all figures. High waisted vintage style bikini is no longer the wear of old era. It has now taken place in […]

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high waist bikinis at beach

Do High Waisted Bikinis Look Good?

Many women have a notion that high waisted bikinis are meant for only the bulky ones. However, this thought is totally wrong and thrown out of your mind right away. It has been almost five to six years that high waist bikinis have hit back in the trend. They are now counted as one of the best bikini types that ever bikini lover should have in her closet.  There are so many reasons for which a woman can wear high waist bikini as it is the […]

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Are retro bikini flattering and sexy?

Are Retro Bikini Flattering?

Bikinis have always made women look beautiful and attractive. They bring out the best of their body enhancing their shape as well as over all look. If you want to flatter a guy or want to look extremely sexy, then no outfit can beat the two pieced magic cloth called bikini. The trend of wearing bikinis is nothing new. Women have been wearing bikini since 1940s. With the change in time and choices of people the bikinis have also taken whole new form but the charm […]

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Where to Buy Vintage Bikini?

Our outfits are getting the modern look, but the old era is inspiring one wear. Here we are talking about bikinis. A great summer wear for the beach is getting inspired by that of the 1950s. Vintage bikini are becoming choice of many girls in now days. High waist, retro style, two-piece swimsuit, these bikinis are attracting many girls that want to look perfect even in the swimwear. The high waist bottom swimsuit or pin-up bikinis gives a perfect hourglass shape to your body. This shape […]

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How to interior design in a retro style: Stylish 50’s or Swinging 60’s

  To design in a retro style is to remix aspects of a previous style.  Many styles of the past have successfully been reinvented time and time again. A popular retro style is the style created in the 1950’s rock ‘n’ rock era. The 1960’s became known as the swinging 60’s. Interior décor and clothing fashions can be intermingle to create bold trendy statements. If you would like to create a 1950’s look hot pink was the colour of the decade. Italian couture began to rival […]

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